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“More true to the ear and the ‘third eye’ was Colin Kerr’s  ‘The Mud is Quiet’ (Chapman Publications). There is a whispering sharing of calm, a peace gained through compassion, pervading these delicately drawn poems.   They linger.” Hayden Murphy – Scottish Books, TES.

“Kerr’s poems are flickerings of light, brief perceptions of the ephemeral, a kind of poetry much more common in France than Britain.   Kerr is conscious of the frailties of language itself: his best poems are short and capture the moment when looking becomes seeing.” – Books in Scotland

“The poetry of Colin Kerr has a Zen-like clarity and concision.” – Stand Magazine



Learning 1: Examination

Perennial Tales of the Sea: On a Shoreline


Learning 1. Contains the following poems: Examination, Classroom, The Other, College – Another Beginning,  Fairy Tale

Learning 2. Contains the following poems: At Court, Girl Outside Modern Art Gallery, Streetwise, Three Men on a Raft, Look

Man & Woman 1. Contains the following poems: Child and Madonna, Passages, Spellbound, Corner of the Night, A Picture Story

Man & Woman 2. Contains the following poems: First Meeting, Anima, Sunday Morning, Morning Star, This Yawning Horizon, Trust

Time 1 – The Seasons. Contains the following poems: Smugglers, New Year, Her Landscape, Midsummer, The Ripening Seed

Time 2 – Personal Time. Contains the following poems: Full Circle, Generic Images, Historian, Again, A Small Revolution

Life Journeys 1. Contains the following poems: Monkey, Rabbits, Water Rights, Three Distractions To Clear Thinking, His Landscape

Life Journeys 2. Contains the following poems: Red, We Are The Real Countries, Under Passing White Clouds, An Awareness

Perennial Tales of the Sea. Contains the following poems: Ancestor Female, Dark Tides, On A Shoreline, Birth Of Courage, Seabird

Perception 1. Contains the following poems: Poet’s Image, Metaphor, Totem Pole, Message in a Bottle, Famous Shorelines

Perception 2. Contains the following poems: The Strangers, An Understanding, Resonance, Sphenoid

Religion and Spirituality. Contains the following poems: Easter Becomes Man, Unfinished Symphony 1st Movement, Walkabout, Contact, Blue, Soul